Note: you are viewing archived information about the workshop held in 2023. Information about the latest conference can be found here.

Lamellar: A Rust-based asynchronous tasking and PGAS runtime for high performance computing

Ryan D. Friese (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL))
Erdal Mutlu (PNNL)
Joseph Cottam (PNNL)
Gregory Roek (PNNL)
Roberto Gioiosa (PNNL)
Thursday session 2 (Zoom) (15:0016:00 BST)
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In this talk we will introduce Lamellar, our asynchronous tasking and PGAS runtime for HPC. We will present our various (safe) distributed communication APIs including Active Messages, LamellarArrays, and Darcs (Distributed Arcs). We will conclude by briefly discussing Lamellar performance for selected benchmarks. Lamellar is open-source and available at and