Note: you are viewing archived information about the workshop held in 2023. Information about the latest conference can be found here.


Timo Betcke

Timo is a professor of computational mathematics at University College London. He is working on developing rlst (Rust linear solver toolbox), a library for dense and sparse matrix routines; and bempp-rs, a Rust-based boundary element method library.

Jed Brown

Jed is a professor of computer science at CU Boulder. Jed maintains Rust crates for MPI, PETSc, and libCEED. He is interested in applying Rust and Enzyme in computational science and engineering, especially computational mechanics.

Andreas Longva

Andreas is a PhD candidate in the computer animation group at RWTH Aachen University. He has been writing scientific Rust since 2016, and since 2019 has been using Rust as the primary language for his research on finite element methods for deformable objects. As a co-maintainer of the nalgebra linear algebra library, he tries to squeeze in time for advancing the scientific ecosystem whenever he can.

Matthew Scroggs

Matthew is a postdoctoral researcher at the Department of Mathematics, University College London. He is currently working on developing bempp-rs, a Rust-based boundary element method library.